Small Groups

We truly believe that the BIG is found in the small, that church is so much more than a meeting on a Sunday!  

Our smaller groups are spaces to connect and places to grow and are an essential part of our vision!  We love to be family on a great adventure, no matter what life brings us.  It's vital that you get connected to a smaller group for you to feel known, cared for and to contribute towards who we are at Carlisle Vineyard Church.  

We have a wide variety of interest based, general and course groups - some that launch this Summer term.   These groups are for anyone who already consider Carlisle Vineyard home or those who might like to know more about us and aren't yet part of a church in the city.

A selection of those with available space are below...check out their specific information and sign up and someone will be in touch soon!


fitness, nutrition & wellbeing

Come explore living a healthy lifestyle with the mighty Claire Hewitt who is super passionate about this!



From furniture restoration, to proper building projects while sharing skills and getting to know others!  Great for keen DIYers or those who'd like to be!

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emotionally healthy spirituality

**NOW LAUNCHING IN SEPTEMBER** This is a brilliant course, based on the book by Peter Scazzero.  Such a helpful and insightful course, great for whatever season of life you find yourself in!  Chat with Tim Wright for more info.



Does what it says on the tin!  Simples!  Dinner with the Wilson's - one of the kindest couples in town!  Banter and fun guaranteed!                      

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the engine room

We believe that prayer is powerful!  Come join the revolution of prayer happening at the Vineyard Hub!



A small group of young families, gathering sometimes just adults in the evenings, other times as a family for a walk or fun together!


steve & karen's

A great small group doing life together with a beautiful variety of folks at different ages and stages! 



everyday supernatural

Hitting the streets and bringing blessing to our city in a variety of ways!  Huddling first at our Hub then heading out!


vineyard training

Using the recently released training resource from Vineyard Churches UK and Ireland - we will gather around a couple of short courses - the roots of the Vineyard and Vineyard Distinctives.  Great for anyone!  But especially if you're new to Vineyard.