Staff Updates

Hello folks!  This is just to help ensure that conversations had are joined up and we're not missing out key bits of information for our seasons of lack of face to face contact!  

Thursday mornings from 6th September will be a vital place to share short bits of info - we may then go on and post further info here after, or in advance of those huddles.

 We'll experiment with this and see if it's useful!  



We'd love to start the year with an away day on Tuesday 4th September - leaving Carlisle at just after 9 and arriving back to Carlisle for 3pm at the latest.


Ricky & Zowie move to Carlisle in or around 20th August.  They'll live on Nelson Street with Eden headed to Robert Ferguson School.  For the first 3 months they'll start getting involved in things around Vineyard and volunteer in various areas before we see how their role might develop.  Depending on their other work schedules, they may join with staff times in those first three months.  They'll also explore a sense of calling towards Wigton.


Claire & Phil Salmon are going to pursue and pilot Scattered Sunday Evenings after Summer - more info to follow, but this will be them exploring and experiment a worship setting, using different style and setting.  They're currently thinking up a name for this evening - we'll be in touch with more soon!