Thrive Thursday's

Now the name may change over time on this but the vision will remain!  

We'd love to see a space develop where those in the city who are struggling with loneliness, who just need a mid-week pick me up in the form of the presence of Jesus can drop by for a cuppa and a space of grace!  

We are also going to send some from the team that emerges to serve at Thrive onto the streets this Autumn to serve hot drinks to the homeless - to love on those working in the darker evenings.  And all the while building community while serving on team.  

If you'd love to be a part of this, come join the story.  We believe that the Father is calling us as a community to bring solution, hope and love to those who find life tough, for whatever reason - this is one of the ways we believe this will happen!  Prepare to be blessed as you are a blessing!!