March at Vineyard

this month... 

As we constructed this week's email, Lucy Belton who compiles our email showed me the video above - amazing!  Grab a cuppa and spend the 6 minutes having your heart stirred afresh!  This little video so encapsulates our hearts here at Carlisle Vineyard as we reach this city and beyond!  

There's a fresh sense of excitement stirring for all that the Father has called us to and a fresh encouragement to pray!  Prayer is so powerful and literally changes things.  Have a read below for an exciting opportunity to join in at the end of the month as we welcome in Good Friday!

It was great to gather on Sunday and show you round upstairs!  You'll see below that there is a fresh wave of opportunities for you to serve in the coming months as we look to moving as soon as possible into our Upper Room!

Check out the all new calendar below with info for this month ahead and with details underneath! 

Have a great March!

Bless you a ton,

Andy & Rho Fearon


DETAILS FOR new venue parking on sunday's...

There are a limited number of parking places in the car park to the side of our building on Lorne Street - however, priority is given for those with limited mobility or those with young babies.  There is on street parking in the streets surrounding the new venue, especially highlighting Lorne Crescent where there are less homes.  We have a bus stop right round the corner from our front door entrance on Lorne Street.  Also, we are perfectly positioned for a good few of us folks to have a good old healthy walk to Lorne Street!


Recreate is back and we are excited for all that we'll see, hear, experience but ultimately bless through this important ministry!  This happens on the second Saturday of the month between 10am and 1pm.  Phil & Laura Askew are our champions for Recreate.  We are on the look out for you to be listening in for situations across our city in genuine need of practical help!  A neighbour who struggles with their garden due to ill health, someone who's had a tough time and could do with some support.  Contact Phil or Laura via if you've any ideas and they'll help you gather a team!

On Saturday 10th March our Recreate project will be in house as we invite you to give a Power Hour to the build project at Lorne Street - this is from 10am til 1pm.  Text Andy on 07861219694 if you plan on coming down - there's anything from sorting and cleaning through to painting and some muckier work too.


THE renovations:  GIVING A POWER HOUr


We are all go on continuing our renovation project and looking to complete this as soon as possible!  

We're wondering if you could commit to giving a 'Power Hour' in the next few weeks to assist us to get this project done?  We have various points in the week that this is possible.  

Complete the form below to sign up generally to give a hand to the build team.

We're so thankful for your financial generosity so far towards this project - as we create a space of grace in our city.  If you'd like to contribute towards this project, or to set up regular giving for the general funds for Carlisle Vineyard - the best way to do so is online.  Check out our giving web page for more details or have a chat with Abi Askew.  Don't forget that if you're a tax payer we can add 25% on top of your donation through Gift Aid.

Good friday movie night:  the shack

We recently got ourselves a licence to show movies at Carlisle Vineyard and we're excited to host our first movie night on Good Friday evening for you and your friends!  The first movie will be The Shack - a really powerful movie.  Contact Miriam at if you'd like more details of this evening!


Over the last few weeks there has been a bubbling under the surface around prayer and the place we are invited to take up in the Fathers' plans for our city.  Here is how we are stepping in!  


This is an overnight 12 hour prayer and worship space for our beautiful city down at the Lorne Street site! It will be a space to come and join in with dreaming Heavens best for the people, to seek the highest and encounter the Father's heart for our home and beyond!!

Feel free to sign up for shifts whether you're a night or an early bird everyone is welcome to come and join!  Another opportunity to give a "power hour"!

For those who'd like to - some folks will head out for a Good Friday breakfast at the end of these 12 hours!

We willmiss you!.png



We await a new graphic to put with this but Prayer & Bagels has just recently been aptly re-named "The Engine Room".

We love that every Wednesday morning from 7.30 til 9am we have a huddle of folks keen to pray for our city and beyond!  

We also love to hear spontaneous hubs of prayer break out throughout the community too at different times!  Amazing!


the drop in and A FOND FAREWELL...

Our Drop In continues on the last Sunday of every month down at the Lorne Street site and is the perfect place to drop in with a friend for a cuppa and a catch up, as just one option on a Scattered Sunday!

At March's drop in cafe, Pete, Paddy, Sophia & Louie Harris will be around to share about the new season their heading off to shortly as they re-locate to work with YWAM in Perth, Australia!  We will miss them all dearly!  They are excited to be at the Drop In Cafe on 25th March from 11am til 1pm when they'll share what that adventure entails and how you can partner with them practically and in prayer.  

They'll also host lunch together after this time and show you some more videos and information about the range of projects they'll be involved with.  Why not plan on dropping in for a while to hear what they'll get up to and bid them a fond farewell!




Just love that Youth happens every week now!  If you're year 7 plus, Steve & Tab Wilson host a youth small group on a Sunday night in their home (currently doing Alpha) and then once a month they host a Youth Huddle at our Lorne Street Site - both are perfect places for you to invite your friends along.


Steve & Tab - we honour you and thank you for providing a place and space for our youth to flourish and grow!  Everyone!  Ask these guys about their dream for an indoor skate park in the city!




Calling all Year 3-6s!  


There's a new MONTHLY kids small group at our Lorne Street site - we'll next huddle on Thursday 29th March from 4 until 5.15pm with after school snacks included!


If you'd like more information - simply click on the link below!


serving the city


An exciting opportunity has arisen to serve our city when the "Weeping Window" arrives into Carlisle on its tour- have a check out of the flyer attached to get involved!


 Many of you will have seen this installation of thousands of poppies at the Tower of London - incredibly moving.  Well, it's coming to Carlisle but our city needs help to host this!  Such an amazing opportunity for you to Give A Day to the City between 23 May and 8 July!

Van bookings

The Encouragement Shed Van is available for those aged 25 and over to book to bless your neighbours and the city.  If you would like to know more about booking the van - have a chat with Andy and we can let you know the process there!