September at Vineyard

this month... 

It's September and the start of a new academic year!  Hoping and praying that all of you who work in Education have a really good start to the year.  Thanks for the way you pour into the younger generation and are making our city even better than it already is!  And to all the students starting out for a new term - we hope this term is just brilliant!

Youth is starting back up as are our Vineyard Stars and for the first time in their own environments downstairs which is exciting!  Our Sunday gatherings will start back in their new locations and it'll be great to enjoy the hard work of so many folks and to get using this space of grace for our city!

We have a Gospel Choir starting on Sunday afternoons this month which is amazing!  The whole city is welcome to join.  We can't wait to have some Gospel music going at Christmas time!  We also are looking forward to hosting the African Children's Choir on Saturday 8th December with room to open our homes in hospitality too!

As well as smaller groups kicking off as places to be SEEN and KNOWN - there's much excitement in the air as we continue to be a church for people who don't go to church, growing deeper in knowing who we are in Jesus so that we can all be a gift to this city and beyond!

We're also glad to welcome Ricky & Zowie Linton to Carlisle who have had an accelerated experience with Jesus in the past few months and felt the call to up sticks and move here to the Golden City of Dreams!  Have them over for dinner, invite them round for coffee, they're a real blessing!

We can't wait to finish this month with baptisms - do give us a shout if you've recently decided that you'd like to follow Jesus for the first time and would love to know more about being baptised...or maybe you've been following Jesus for a long time but never gotten round to being baptised - we'd love to chat more.

We can't wait to start October with the Cumbrian Run on Sunday 7th October!  One of our traditions now - for the sixth year running we'll head down to serve water and give out jelly babies as we love on our city instead of gathering in our building.

For all info check out the details below!  Remember at any point you can refer back to this webpage through the month for info and keep up on social media too!

Bless you!

Andy & Rho Fearon



gospel choir

Gospel choir.jpg

Something NEW for this term which is very exciting and led but the mighty Cameron Mitchell!

This choir is open to all regardless of your singing ability and will have a heart for fun times and community creation!  

Singing is proven to improve our mental health and wellbeing and being part of a choir is such a great invitation towards being part of community.  We're creating this choir for the city - as something you can bring your mates to.  

Bring along a packed lunch for after the gathering if you'd like!




We love baptisms at Carlisle Vineyard!  They are a symbol of the new life that the Father is doing in and through us as we give our lives to Him.  

If you've recently given your life to Jesus, or have done so a long while ago but never been baptised, we'd love to extend an invitation to come on the Baptism journey!

We will have Baptisms on the 30th September from 10.30am when we'll gather together and celebrate!  


2017 end of year finances

We've produced a little flyer to let you see an overview of our 2017 year end financial report, just to give you an insight as to how we use the financial gifts given.

We'd love to invite you to join the story of generosity at Carlisle Vineyard.  We'd love to continue doing all that we do and we're thankful for those who give sacrificially and generously each month to see this happen!

If Carlisle Vineyard is home, we'd love to invite you to consider giving on a monthly basis.  The easiest way for you to give regularly is by setting up a standing order.  We can then also claim back 25% on top of this gift through the Gift Aid scheme if you're a UK Taxpayer which is just amazing!

What's Going on this month...

Van bookings

The Encouragement Shed Van is available for those aged 25 and over to book to bless your neighbours and the city.  If you would like to enquire about booking the van, please complete the form below...



It's great that we're increasingly using the site and now with a variety of organisations.  Because of this, in the coming weeks door codes will be changed and only given to those ministry leaders who will open and close the building.  If you'd like to enquire about booking a space on site, you can do that via the form below!