May at Vineyard

this month... 

Hope that this email finds you well!  

We're looking forward to the new small groups starting this month as well as gearing up towards our Baptism Sunday on 24th June and Give A Day to the City on the first week in July!  Check out more below for all the info of these events in the coming months.  We're also excited for Exponential happening again from September to June for the year ahead - more info to follow on Sunday's before the summer.

Our lift is on it's way to move us on up to the Upper Room!  We're hoping to make this move in July.  Thanks so much for the unity during this season of Sunday gatherings being 'a squash and a squeeze' - we recognise that this isn't ideal but we reassure you that a new season is coming soon!

We are excited to dive into the book of Ephesians in May & June - such a great book, so rich in goodness, come journey with us as we do that.  Excited to have our in-house sketch artist Mr W (aka Graeme Wilson) share heavenly insight on the second week of May while we head down to share at a conference in Cardiff.

Just to let you know that Tab Wilson has been appointed to the role of Administration Assistant and starting this week - her email address is and her working hours are on Tuesday only.  Also that Miriam Lowe has been appointed as Assistant Pastor:  The City & Operations and starts in June (FYI Rich & Mir are away in France for the month of May as they celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary!)

Huge blessings,

Andy & Rho Fearon

Sunday Gatherings & Scatterings!

We gather most Sunday's at our Vineyard Hub on Lorne Street from 10.30am.  

On the last Sunday of most months we scatter to go serve our neighbours in love, have our work colleagues round for dinner, or bring blessing to the city however we feel prompted to!  

These Sunday's are a core part of our calling and vision as a community.  We truly believe that each one of us is the church wherever we live, work or play - these Sunday's give us the opportunity to regularly be the church beyond the walls!  Excited to hear what that will look like for you in the coming months!

summer small groups

We deeply encourage you to check out the small groups and courses page and sign up for one this term - or, get together a few friends and head to the hills a night a week, have dinner together...anything to help spur one another on, praying for your work places, praying for one another, reading scripture over one another and being family!  Our heart is that small groups are places where we are each seen and known, heard and understood, but also places where we can call out the very best in one another, to spur each other to be even more like Jesus wherever we live, work or play!

recreate in may

We are totally honoured to serve a woman in the city who is moving into her own accommodation after being referred to us by another agency.  

We'll be serving her on 12th May from 10am til 1pm with some home decorating and other bits and bobs.  

Laura would love to hear from you if you'd like to come serve her too!

may movie night

Movie Night Hidden Figures.png


We love baptisms at Carlisle Vineyard!  They are a symbol of the new life that the Father is doing in and through us as we give our lives to Him.  If you've recently given your life to Jesus, or have done so a long while ago but never been baptised, we'd love to extend an invitation to come on the Baptism journey!  Andy & Rho will look forward to having a lunch on Sunday 10th June for anyone considering baptism!

Give A Day to the City

Give A Day is gearing up for another year and there's projects coming in already - it's all very exciting.  Just to let you know that the first Sunday in July we'll scatter from the building to go serve Give A Day projects across the city, but we'd also encourage you to check out the website (click on logo to the side) to see what projects you'd like to get involved with this year!

love the one


Jos & Abi Askew shared the work they have been involved with through the charity Love the One.  

To the side is our in-house sketch artist, Graeme's summary of this Sunday.  

If you missed this and would like to hear it, contact Abi (, who'd love to share the link to that.  (Because of the sensitivity of the work Love the One are involved with, we will not be sharing this image or any other audio files generally, and ask you not to share them beyond yourselves.)


Invite Jos & Abi to your house for tea to hear how you can get more involved...child sponsorship and including the potential of a Carlisle Vineyard India trip in 2019!!

Van bookings

The Encouragement Shed Van is available for those aged 25 and over to book to bless your neighbours and the city.  If you would like to enquire about booking the van, please complete the form below...



It's great that we're increasingly using the site and now with a variety of organisations.  Because of this, in the coming weeks door codes will be changed and only given to those ministry leaders who will open and close the building.  If you'd like to enquire about booking a space on site, you can do that via the form below!