New Year at Vineyard

this month... 

Happy New Year welcome to 2019!! We hope you have had a blessed Christmas season and are excited to step into the year ahead!

We are excited to announce some new things ahead for this year and look forward to seeing all the Father has in store!

Bless you!

Andy & Rho Fearon

power hour of prayer does 40 days!

Our Power Hour of Prayer from 7.45pm tie 8.45pm in the Mixing Room, come for coffee at 7:30pm.

This will be a gathering space on every Sunday evening during the 40 days. We will be starting the 6th January to seek the Father in Prayer as a community and to make a stand for all He has for us and this city!

Come join us in hearing His heart for our Vineyard community, the communities we are apart of and beyond!


Connect to the heart

Getting to the heart.jpg

If there is one Gathered moment at Carlisle Vineyard this year NOT to miss…this is it!!! Everybody welcome from the littlest to the oldest for scran (dinner) fun and discovering the unfolding journey of our Church of small groups.

6pm on 14th February at the Hub.

More info coming soon!!



We have loved all the yummy cakes that you have created in the month of December and would love to continue this as we launch into 2019!! The gates are open to all bakers - or would be bakers in the CV community, so bring your creativity through the baking of cake!!

Can you join in? If so, give Miriam a shout by completing form below!

Name *


The mighty Phil & Laura Askew help us to bless our city once a month (the second Saturday of the month from 10am-1pm) through a project called Recreate.

This is a fantastic way to join in with community as we help those in our city combat loneliness and despair by helping to make their house a home!

Come and join this revolution of love - kick start your festive season by joining in with what the Father is doing in and through this amazing project. From making cups of tea, to some DIY - there’s something for everyone to join in on!



Choir is restarting on Monday 14th January from 7.30pm in the Mixing Room and you are so welcome as well as your friends, colleagues and neighbours!

Come gather and have fun as we sing some Gospel classics and hits!


thrive thursdays

Thrive thursdays.jpg

Thrive Thursdays is starting up again on the 10th January. Pop along for some great banter!

Gathering on:

6th January First Sunday of the New Year, 10.30am!

12th January Recreate 10-1pm at the Hub

13th January 10.30 am at the Hub

20th January 10.30 am at the Hub

8th February Movie night 5pm The Incredibles 2, 7:30pm TBC

14th February Connect to the heart!


scattering on:

27th January Scattered feast.


We truly believe that the Father calls each of us to live lives of generosity. We are blessed to be a blessing. We are inviting you to contribute towards the story at Carlisle Vineyard. We are a charity which is entirely supported by generous and sacrificial giving. If Carlisle Vineyard is home (i.e. you come regularly to our activities) - we encourage you to tithe towards the costs of the life of our community but also as we seek to be a blessing to our city! If you’re interested in what that word ‘tithe’ means and is - check out the recent talk below.


If you’d like to hear our take on what giving looks like at Carlisle Vineyard - listen in to a recent talk by click to the left.


To set up your direct debit for regular giving, click the link to the right. If you are a UK Tax Payer, we can claim back 25% extra on top of your regular giving through the Gift Aid scheme.

Van bookings

The Encouragement Shed Van is available for those aged 25 and over to book to bless your neighbours and the city.  If you would like to enquire about booking the van, please complete the form below...



It's great that we're increasingly using the site and now with a variety of organisations.  Because of this, in the coming weeks door codes will be changed and only given to those ministry leaders who will open and close the building.  If you'd like to enquire about booking a space on site, you can do that via the form below!