July at Vineyard

this month... 

Hope that this email finds you well!  

There seems to be a significant number within our community who are having a particularly tough time just now and we just want to let you know that in the past week we have been proactively praying and ask others to join with us in prayer for you.  On Sunday 1st July some folks will be fasting for breakthrough.  As we do that our prayer is "Take courage."  Your heavenly Dad not only sees you, but wants the very best for you - his intrinsic nature is to weep with those who weep - to comfort the mourning, He is such a good good Father.  We want to deeply encourage you that if you are not one of those going through a tough time, would you ask Jesus how you can help to bring courage to lift heads and eyes, to those around you?  Doing family, life together, is not theoretical, it has to be put into practice and isn't always convenient!  But you could literally help lifting someone else's head by sharing the words of encouragement and head lifting that the Father gives you for other people.  Personally, we also find ourselves proactively worshipping in these times, even when we don't feel like it, blessing and praying for others when we just don't feel like it, as a strategy against the enemy's plans.  

Give A Day to the city is here!!  We are excited for all the Father will do and it's not too late for you to get involved. Check out the info below for more details.  

Due to Give A Day our gatherings will look like slightly different.  We will be gathering as normal on Sunday 8th, 15th and 22nd for details on Sunday the 1st see below.

July is also the month of the lift!!  The lift will arrive towards the end of the month, the builders have been on site creating the opening in the ceiling in preparation.  Andy has been working super hard with a mighty stack of volunteers on Tuesday nights quick shout out to Tim Ingham we honour you for all that you have done and given.  Have a chat with Andy to ask how you can be involved, and we will have sign ups available on the 8th July.

Huge blessings,

Andy & Rho Fearon

The great get together denton holme


This will be on Saturday 14th July from 11am until 2pm as a drop in event. For any avid bakers I'm sure there will be an opportunity to serve our neighbourhood in this gift from heaven! 

Our neighbours and us are getting together to have a party, a great chance for us to make new friends and all in honour of the life of Jo Cox.  

For more information on this event check out this link which will take you to a news and star article or have a chat with Miriam on Sunday 8th.


We love baptisms at Carlisle Vineyard!  They are a symbol of the new life that the Father is doing in and through us as we give our lives to Him.  If you've recently given your life to Jesus, or have done so a long while ago but never been baptised, we'd love to extend an invitation to come on the Baptism journey! We will have Baptisms on the 30th September, to sign up or find out more fill in the form below!

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Give A Day to the City

Give A Day is gearing up for another year and there's projects coming in already - check out a few of them to the side, it's all very exciting.  

On Sunday 1st July we re encouraging you to join in with the 2 give a day projects hosted by folks from Vineyard with their work colleagues involved too. You can sign up to join in by clicking on the image to the right.

If you have a passion for prayer or could come and help assemble bags of courage that will be distributed throughout the week, Miriam would love to welcome you down at the Vineyard Hub between 1030 and 1230.

Van bookings

The Encouragement Shed Van is available for those aged 25 and over to book to bless your neighbours and the city.  If you would like to enquire about booking the van, please complete the form below...



It's great that we're increasingly using the site and now with a variety of organisations.  Because of this, in the coming weeks door codes will be changed and only given to those ministry leaders who will open and close the building.  If you'd like to enquire about booking a space on site, you can do that via the form below!