Our Story So Far...

It was in the summer of 2011 that Andy & Rho Fearon first began to feel their hearts stir for church planting.  As a season in their lives came to an end that summer, the Father had a new season coming that equally thrilled and petrified their hearts!  They had the joy and privilege of joining the staff team at Causeway Coast Vineyard for a little over 15 months as the Father brought them on a journey of birthing the vision that has now become Carlisle Vineyard Church.  You can check out our vision and values page to find out more.  

Carlisle Vineyard Church was planted out of Causeway Coast Vineyard in January 2013.  Together with their kids, Andy & Rho carried back a passion to be a church for people who don't yet go to church, to be a blessing to the city into which they were planting their lives.  Since the beginning of our adventure we have been determined to be inwardly strong as we're outwardly focussed, a term we picked up and brought back from our term in Northern Ireland.

We've been astounded by God's goodness and excited by all He is doing across Carlisle.  From serving one lady struggling with her garden, to throwing a street party for thousands of people in our city centre, we truly believe that the Big is in the small.  

We are blown away by the many fearless folks of great courage and strength because they gather around the presence of God and who are making a huge difference in their everyday, normal lives. We're delighted about the many who continue to find new life across our city as we live out our vision.  

Most of all though, we are excited that the best is yet to come and that our story is affected, shaped and brought more life as we welcome those with a passion in their hearts or a longing for more.



We are proud to be a part of the Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland and are excited what Jesus is doing across our movement