We long to see the hope and love of Jesus spill into the heart, homes and streets of Carlisle & beyond!

We are a community of people who are hungering after the presence of God and know the impact it has on our own lives and simply want this to overflow in heaven's goodness wherever we live, work or play.

In some ways, we’re maybe not your typical understanding of ‘church’ - we’re more like a movement of people who increasingly know that Jesus is alive and wants to introduce himself to each and every person in this community and beyond.

We exist for this city of Carlisle (and beyond!) to write a new story of hope.

Here’s our five values…

We are biblical - we love the word of God and know that it’s super relevant for today!

We are missional - we believe that the goodness of God can’t be contained and must overflow

We are relational - we place high value on relationship, we long to be great friends doing life together. We exist for those who are not yet part of church, who may never have been to any church!

We are generously compassionate - we know that big hearted generosity is powerful and changes places, spaces and most of all, people

We are naturally supernatural - in all of this, we know that we need the power and presence of Jesus and we are a community who are increasingly stepping into all that we are through Him